Castle Logix

Smart Games

Castle Logix

Age: Suitable for children ages 3 and up


Material: wood

From the creator:

"Like a lot of my ideas, the concept for CastleLogix seems ridiculously simple. All the player has to do is try to build a construction using a picture that corresponds with its side view, using only a few blocks with holes in and 3 sticks of different heights. But this game for young children only looks simple from the outside. The real complexity and beauty is hidden and comes to the surface once you start playing with it."  - Raf Peeters, taken from Smart Games inventor



• Good Toy Foundation: nominated "Toy of the Year 2007” (The Netherlands)

   Finnish Toy Association: Game of the Year 2009 (Finland)

   Mam Dziecko (I Have A Child Magazine): Superproduct 2009 (Poland)

   Main Prize Winner “A child’s Friendly World” 2010, age 3-7 years (Poland)

   6/6 rating (Highest Recommendation) Protégez-Vous Magazine (Canada)