Professional Parents Network

Are you a parent who juggles both business and family? Do you find the need for a support group to help you find your family work balance

The  Professional Parents Network is a worldwide network that brings together those who are balancing business and family to support each other and share resources and experiences.

We meet monthly in Delft and the website and blog offer a range of resources to help you find your own balance.If you'd like to attend the Delft monthly meeting there is a small charge, see site for details. Whether you work full or part time, run a business (or would like to), Professional Parents is a community of parents with children ranging in ages from newborn to teenagers, who are friendly and supportive - if we all share our experiences and information then we can all find a better family business balance.

    There are no membership fees involved – this is a worldwide online community with the vision of bringing together those Professional Parents – in other words, those who are raising a family as well as continuing a career.

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