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Sharing what we know is important for us. It is part of the learning process and part of our belief in the value of life-long learning. We collaborate with others in bringing quality training and information be it for children, adults or teachers or other childcare professionals. 

Here's a round up of activities that we are a part of in collaboration with other organizations and professionals.

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Think, Talk and Tinker

Smart Tinker and

International Almere

Mindful Parenting workshop in collaboration with two other professionals: Amber Rahim from Amber Rahim Coaching, Simone Davies from The Montessori Notebook.





Mothering in Another Culture Support Group Mother's Connect Mothering is a rich and complex tapestry of networks, social interactions and individual reflection, but being removed from your own culture can make you feel lonely and insecure about your parenting choices.
Aug 29 Think, Talk & Tinker Amsterdam Think, Talk & Tinker To be announced
Sept 19 Think, Talk & Tinker The Hague

Think, Talk & Tinker

To be announced
Oct 11 International Family Festival (IFF) The Hague Expat Child Psychology To be announced
Oct 24 HUG Compassion Conference TBA To be announced