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A native English-speaker and certified coach, Cara provides individual & couple coaching for expats living in the Amsterdam region – mostly who are in search of gaining new personal insights, grounding, self-empowerment, and deeper connections. She also provides trainings for parents who are interested in learning compassionate communication and positive parenting skills. She gives workshops and facilitates Mothers’ Circles on a regular basis. You can read about Cara’s services, costs, reviews, and personal self-discovery story on her website:




“I entered coaching sessions with Cara to help me with my stress and lack of balance. She has a fantastic ability to let me see past all the ‘noise’ in my head about what I ‘should’ be doing. She sees the needs that underlie the emotional turmoil. Her insights bring clarity that is unbelievably freeing. She has taught me how to meet those needs in ways that better suit my life, and I have learned so much about my patterns of behaviour right from my first session with her.“ -2013 client



Cara Crisler, MA, certified coach


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