Amber Rahim Coaching

From my experience of being a mother of a child with a rare kidney disorder I learned a lot about myself. There was so much work involved in managing the illness that a lot of other things in my life got neglected: my relationship with my husband, friends and family, with my daughter and even with myself.
When I looked at my daughter I always did a medical scan: Is she dehydrated? Is she going to vomit? What medicine does she need? She was my patient and I was her nurse. I didn’t like this. I wanted to feel the mother-daughter relationship, to see her as a person, not just see her illness or the burdens that came with it. I wanted to connect with her.

Then I heard Henry Kimsey-House from the Coaches Training Institute talk about the work he does. He spoke about how he believed that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Being seen as someone who is strong, who didn’t need to be fixed changed my view of myself and opened up possibilities. Through the coaching I received during training I rediscovered my strengths, connected to myself and discovered my daughter; the child behind the illness.

I developed 2 programs to support other parents who feel disconnection in their lives, based on my coach training and personal experience.

Coaching program
One to one coaching to support you
• In deepening your connection with yourself and your inner strength
• To find ways to create energy so that you feel lighter
• To feel liberated from the burdens and enjoy life
2 hour discovery session to create the foundation and set goals
2 x 1 hour coaching sessions per month
Workshops Plug In!
Discover your qualities, acknowledge who you are and experience being SEEN.
Learn and practice skills of acknowledgement.
2 x 3 hour workshop
1st workshop: Plug in! to yourself
2Nd workshop: Plug in! to your relationships
Group size: max 8 per workshop
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