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March 10, 2014 Lana Jelenjev

I was working on a blog post for more than an hour when I hit the wrong keys, thought I undid it, pressed save and the entire post was gone. Had to call my husband to express my sadness and the post was even about event-appraisal-emotion that is what I did, I chose to be calm and love myself. doesn't mean I am happy but I don't need to bash myself for my mistake. What made the event more meaningful was how our little guy reacted. he was behind me (literally behind me on my chair) when I was writing so he gave me massages and told me "you are not happy, I know" and I said "yes, I am not but things can happen" He gave me a hug and some more kisses and offered to make me tea... ohhhh this is one of the best reasons why it is good to choose love .


Will rewrite the post and share it soon but in the meantime...

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