Thinking Thursday: Because I'm Happy...

February 06, 2014 Lana Jelenjev

My view when working

Today was one of those days where the busy-ness of the entire week began to take its toll on me both physically and mentally. I even woke up later than we normally do because of wanting to stay in bed to linger there for a moment (or two, or three). But like what I say to the kids when they would rather stay in bed longer, there are things that we need to do and things we want to do, it's just a matter of us balancing things to a point where we are happy. That's why we have late night Fridays, or lazy Saturdays (and even lazier Sundays) and the kids look forward to those moments, the same way they look forward to school and being with their friends. Am I practicing vulnerability by posting this? Yes, I am and I know a lot of parents can relate to this situation. Those days when you want to have five more minutes of sleep before kicking yourself out of bed because you just have to do it. In my case, there are two sleepyheads that need to get to school on time not to mention a husband who also needs to work early.

This is part of my daily grind and most likely a part of yours. But it's that moment in between that spells the difference. The space where we acknowledge that there are things we want and need but circumstances present other options. It is that moment when you pick yourself up and decide to get out of bed and take the moment as it is and be happy with it. Being happy is surely difficult when you feel some aches all over or the last thing you want to do is chores and when your bed seem to whisper in your ears "come back". But it is a choice, a choice between trudging through the day in misery or taking it and be happy for another day, another moment, another chance to grow and change. So I choose to be happy and it helped that I saw this video on my friend's facebook wall.

The video got me thinking though, I am so keen on helping my children understand their happiness but am I also taking the time to really understand mine? How much have I invested in understanding my own happiness? I was fortunate enough to take Anja Schuetz online course Your Happiest Year Yet at the start of the year. It was indeed a revealing and yet highly engaging course that helped me think of my happiness. But like what she mentioned in one of the modules, I need to incorporate giving myself Espresso shots of happiness to allow the Law of Attraction to work.

It wasn't just the getting myself up out of bed and doing the daily things that needed to happen. It was that space in between where I chose to be happy in getting up and getting through my day. When I choose happiness, I vibrate happiness and gets surrounded by happy people and thoughts. As a reminder to myself of this I decided that each day when making my morning pages, instead of immediately going through the list of what I need to do and accomplish I should also take the time to write about what makes me happy.

Here's a quick random list of simple things from this morning that made me happy: (in no particular order)

1) seeing the kids sleeping

2) waking up with my husband's arms wrapped around me

3) kids' giggling

4) sun shining through the serre

5) the picture above of my working space, my view when I'm working

6) a nice cup of coffee and a good book to read before I start my work

7) doing my morning pages

8) listening to the chatter of kids while having breakfast

9) morning greetings of hubby to the kids and to me

10) having hubby and kids' lunch packed and ready

So what's in your list or your partner's list? For those with older children, what is in their list?



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