Building Up S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)

HOW LONG DOES IT LAST? Exploring the 3Rs Using the Book The Lorax

March 26, 2016 Lana Jelenjev

Our son attend the NEO class here in our area. It is a class made up of 20 gifted kids given differentiated instruction for the entire week. For their class exploration, they are busy on understanding about the environment and more specifically about sustaining the environmental resources. The big question that they are working on right now is "How Long Will It Decompose?" and I decided to bring the discussion at home by using the Lorax as a starting point. The Lorax is a book written by Dr. Seuss that talks about Thneedville, a place virtually devoid of nature. It...

A Colorful Christmas Using Romero Britto's My Alphabet Playbook

December 10, 2015 Lana Jelenjev

  Full Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Christmas is one of our family’s favourite holidays. Right after Sinterklaas leaves the country, the kids are already begging to get the Christmas tree up and to fill it with ornaments. We even have a family tradition of alternating whoever gets to put the star as the final piece of the Christmas tree.Making our own ornaments is also part of our family culture. When Melissa from Mamma Miss, announced a 10-days of kid made Christmas (which is already on its 3rd year so tons of ideas to go through!) which are all...

Exploring Romero Britto's A New Day Artwork

October 07, 2015 Lana Jelenjev

“For me, art can reflect the celebration of the simple and good things in life. This is most important to me!” – Romero Britto   (This post first appeared in 365days of Motherhood my previous blog and I have inserted here the thinking routines that we used). We loved the exploration on Romero Britto’s “A New Day” Artwork. There are so many concepts that the children can learn from his art techniques. The use of dark, thick lines and vibrant colors appealed to the children. They were easily drawn to the shapes that they can easily see in the artwork....

GUEST BLOG POST: Family Heart Project Inspired by Jim Dine

February 04, 2015 Lana Jelenjev

I had the privilege of taking part in Red Ted Art's 31 Days of Love Series. For those who know me, I am so thrilled to take part in this not only because of the activity that I shared but its because Red Ted Art has been one of my go-to sites for crafts and creative activities with my kids. Click on the link to my Family Heart Project Inspired by Jim Dine.

Creativity Challenge: Create Symmetry

August 01, 2014 Lana Jelenjev

Why is it important to teach Symmetry? In my previous posts I have emphasized on the importance of teaching Symmetry to young children. Symmetry is all around us and can easily be found in our everyday lives (have you ever noticed the symmetry in butterflies?). Understanding symmetry can connect children to geometry, nature, and even architecture. Look at the photo of the Taj Mahal and there you will clearly understand the line of symmetry in its architectural structure. Can you think of another famous structure with symmetry? This month we are starting with the weekly creativity challenge and for this...