Ang Unang Baboy sa Langit Book (The First Pig in Heaven) Recommendation for Read Around the World Summer Reading Series

June 17, 2014 Lana Jelenjev

I am so proud to be part of the Multicultural Kids' Blog Read Around the World Summer Reading Series.Being an advocate for family literacy, I value the work done by MKB Bloggers from all over the world in bringing multicultural practices to light in different fields. The group is truly a place dedicated to raising world citizens, through arts, activities, crafts, food, language and love! 

So I thought very hard on what I can share to add to the multicultural reading series. I remembered one of the children's stories that I liked reading to my preschool children (when I was teaching in the Philippines).  For those who like a spin to traditions and conventions, this book is perfect in introducing perspective taking to children.

Meet Butsekik, the first pig to go to heaven. How? By being true to what she believed in and helping others live a life of cleanliness. Pigs and cleanliness? Yes!


 Be sure to check out the Multicultural Kid Blogs  Read Around the World Summer Reading Series for a list of the participating blogs. You can also check all the live posts on the Read Around the World Summer Series Pinterest board.


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