The Story of "Ibong Adarna"

July 03, 2014 Lana Jelenjev

When I said yes to participating in the Multicultural Kids Blog Summer Reading Series I asked myself, what can I share that will showcase Philippine literature. The last book I recommended "Ang Unang Baboy sa Langit" was written by Rene Villanueva, a prominent playwright and author who is deeply involved in children's literature.

Now I decided to put in the spotlight an epic that was written in the 18th century about a sick King, his three sons and their journey in finding the magical bird- Adarna  that can cure the mysterious illness of the King. I can still remember reading this in high school and I am glad that Robert Alonzo re-wrote it for a younger audience to enjoy.


Some more nuggets of information: In its original version, Ibong Adarna comprises of 1,034 stanzas (8 syllables per line, 4 lines per stanza) and is a literary gem that secondary schools teach as part of the curriculum. For those who want to read more about "Ibong Adarna" and other Filipino literary classics you can check out Kabisig.

Be sure to check out the Multicultural Kid Blogs Read Around the World Summer Reading Series for a list of the participating blogs. You can also check all the live posts on the Read Around the World Summer Series Pinterest board.


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